12 mois d'espoir qui renaissent dans le monde entier

12 mois d’espoir qui renaissent dans le monde entier

As 2021 comes to an end We reflect on the way in which the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of PADI(r) Members have helped accelerate recovery and helped create a healthy harmony between humans and the ocean.

From creating divership communities that are inclusive to taking action with conservation initiatives This year was filled with hope rising, and it looks to continue into 2022.

Janvier : Une histoire d’amour sous-marine

Janvier : Une histoire d'amour sous-marine

PADI Instructor and co-founder of Temple Adventures in India (S.B.) ring in the year of the pig. Aravind created the world’s first underwater Hindu wedding. Aravind led the ceremony at an 18-meter (60ft) depth within the Bay of Bengal. The groom is already a certified diver, while the bride started her dive journey a few months before the wedding. The couple wore traditional wedding attire and exchanged customary garlands during the ceremony. The ceremony was planned as a way to spread awareness about the damaging consequences of pollution in the ocean. The story of a scuba lover brought many hope. It was covered by news media around the world and even the BBC.

Février : Honorer les héros par la plongée

Février : Honorer les héros par la plongée

Jun Betinol is also known for his role as Lieutenant Colonel in the Philippine Army. He went above and beyond to ensure physical and mental well-being of front-line troops fighting COVID-19. The 7th Regional Community Defense Group of Army Reserve Command officers, women and men took no cost PADI Open Water Diver classes. Nine men became PADI Open Water Divers and two were awarded Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. One was also certified as a PADI Divemaster.

Mars : Garder les portes ouvertes en donnant la priorité à la formation

PADI Course Directors from Utila discovered innovative strategies to prioritize their Instructor Development Programs. This allowed the business to remain open, and welcomed new students after restrictions were removed. Josiah Mackin of Utila Dive Center and Nick DeRutter of Bay Islands College of Diving and Grace Williams of Underwater Vision kept in touch with all students during the outbreak. This has resulted in programs that are available throughout the year.

Avril : Créer des communautés de plongée inclusives

Ehdaa Al Barwani is making Oman a more inclusive diving community and is encouraging women to travel the world and to help save the ocean. She was the first female PADI instructor to become certified in Oman and decided to start Aura Divers Women-only classes to help women become certified and consider an occupation as a diver.

Mai : Allumer le flambeau pour les générations futures

Dive Zone Tauranga and Dive Zone Whitianga have changed their focus from New Zealand’s closed borders to help international divers learn to dive. Dive Zone Whitianga offers extensive school programs, which result in approximately 50 Junior Open Water Diver certificates every year. Adding to this impressive statistic is Dive Zone Tauranga, who do their best to ensure that children from schools located in remote locations within the region can take part in their Seal Team program.

Juin : Prendre des mesures (littérales) pour un monde meilleur

Although many PADI Members have been spending more time on dry land, PADI Course Director Renee Street and PADI Dive Instructor Andy Stone are both putting into their extra time on land to help keep the ocean clean.

On June 6, Renee Street walked around the entire island of Gili Air for 24 hours to bring awareness to the challenges that face the ocean. Each hour highlighted a different conservation issue and encouraged others in her local community as well as around the globe to also act for the ocean.

Andy Stone set out with a similar mission to the United Kingdom, aiming to complete 70×70 mile triathlons in order to raise funds to benefit The BLUE Marine Foundation and The Shark Trust. He has already raised PS1077 and completed 35 consecutive Olympic distance triathlons to get ready for his Guinness World Record attempt, that will take place on April 4 2022.

Juillet : Plonger pour une cause

The 8th annual PADI Women’s Dive Day saw divers gather to celebrate the world. PADI Five Star Dive Resort Divetech Grand Cayman also got innovative by inviting divers from around the world to participate in their event. The objective was to get all participants to go diving for 639 hours. Every second is women who will be who was diagnosed with breast cancer. 2020.

Août : Contribuer à rendre les vaccins accessibles aux populations locales

Wanting to help the state of Pennsylvania out with the roll-out of Covid-19 This PADI Five Star Career Development (CDC) Center converted their dive shop into a vaccine center! Indian Valley Scuba coordinated a full vaccination program rollout together with a pharmacist who gave shots to more than 100 people living in the community.

Septembre : Plonger dans l’importance de notre industrie auprès des gouvernements

Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy placed diving in the spotlight on national television. He participated in the PADI Open Water Diving Course that he completed alongside Asutay Akbayir, PADI Regional Manager, which was broadcast on national TV. Minister Ersoy discovered that Turkey is surrounded by water, and has an array of underwater wrecks and artifacts. He is adamant about making Turkey a top diving destination and hopes to support divers in the industry.

Octobre : Découvrir les pouvoirs de guérison de l’eau

We were always reminded of the healing power water has to offer us.

After being recently injured in his back, Al Hornsby, PADI Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and a long-time freediver, integrated the PADI Freediving course’s modern training techniques to aid in his recovery. After being unable to walk, and barely capable of swimming, after only four months he is now snorkeling for 45 minutes every day, mainly using breath-holds of 50 meters and surface swims. He has already regained nearly all his in-water strength and can walk again (albeit with care) and breath-hold diving’s psychological and emotional benefits are in full force. The results are so significant that his doctor is currently discussing the use of the method for other lower back injuries patients – a testimony to the healing powers the water offers to all.

There is also the amazing work that PADI Dive Centers are doing by offering the PADI Adaptive Diving Course, in which Scuba Quest is working with Help for Heroes to introduce military veterans to the underwater world. This program has helped a lot of veterans with physical and mental disabilities to become PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water Divers. It assists them in healing from the traumas they have suffered and to find peace.

Novembre : Prouver que l’âge n’a pas de limites sous l’eau

Tony Reid, 73 years old, was educated by the North Cyprus British Scuba Center to become a PADI divemaster. After Tony had spent more than 30 years serving in the British Royal Army, he shifted focus and spent the last three years studying to obtain his PADI Divemaster certification with this PADI Five Star Dive Center. His friendly and welcoming environment at the British School of Diving North Cyprus has allowed him to set goals to motivate others his age to go diving and to help save the ocean.

Décembre : Dites ‘Bula’ à la plongée illimitée à Fidji

Fiji has opened its borders to international visitors for the first time in nearly two years. This brought optimism to the country’s diving industry as they enter the new year. PADI Five Star Dive Resort Vomo Island Resort is celebrating by providing unlimited PADI diving for all their guests who visit the private island, giving an opportunity to get certified as a family and enjoy the world’s soft coral capital. the world.

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